Marrakech Morocco

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  On April 16, 2017, we docked in Casablanca, Morocco, where we traveled 4 hours by bus to the fabled Marrakech. Marrakesh, located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, is possibly the most important of Morocco’s four former imperial cities. The region has been inhabited by Berber farmers since Neolithic times, but the actual city was founded in 1062. Once in Marrakech, we entered the old city which is surrounded by walls. Here we traveled by foot thru the Spice Souq to the Bahia Palace, which is an example of moroccan...

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Seville Spain

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On the April 15, 2017, we docked in Cadiz, Spain where we traveled to the city of Seville. Seville is located about an hour and 15 minutes drive from Cadiz. Once in the city we hopped on a Hop on Hop Off Bus to get a general over lay of the area, passing by many of the exposition buildings from both the expo of 1929 and 1992. After we got off the bus we walked around the old city taking in the Alcazar and the  Cathedral, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. The thumbnail pictures below represent this stop on our trip. Click on any of them to see...

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Barcelona Spain

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We reached Barcelona, Spain on April 12, 2017, where we were docked for two days. On day one we took the shuttle to the World Trade Center where we walked to La Ramblas. We walked up the Ramblas and then turned left into the Gothic Quarter and went to El Dra de Sant Jordi for a Tapas lunch. After lunch we proceeded to the Cathedral, and then back to La Ramblas. On La Ramblas is the famous St. Joseph Market, a large public market that dates back to 1217. As always the market is very crowded and busy. We then returned to the ship. On day two we...

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Mallorca Spain

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On April 11, 2017 we docked in Palma de Mallorca, which is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago, which are part of Spain and located in the Mediterranean. We took a tour of the island which included Palma and the village of Valldemossa. We started out by going to Bellver Castle  for a panoramic view of the city of Palma. we then proceeded to Palma where we walked the old part of the city and finally ending up at the Cathedral, to step inside and view the Gaudi influenced interior. After leaving the Cathedral, we proceeded...

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Valletta Malta

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The Grand Harbor in Malta was our stop on April 10, 2017, where we docked in Valletta. The ship docks just below the town which contains buildings from the 16th century onwards, built during the rule of the Order of St. John also known as Knights Hospitaller and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.  To get to the upper town we walked towards the Customs House and then took the elevator up to the Upper Barrakka Gardens. The main street in Valletta, Republic Street, is a busy shopping street that also has many of the main buildings that were...

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mykonos Greece

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On April 7, 2017, we docked in Mykonos, a greek island in the Cyclades,  just outside of Mykonos Town. Since we were docked about a mile from the old town, we decided to take the Sea Bus into the main part of town. The town itself is one of the most beautiful in Greece. We walked around the narrow streets with their blue and white  or all white buildings. There were many colorful churches and fishing boats in the harbor. Some of the iconic landmarks include the Paraportiani Church and old Windmills that over look the town. View From Ship...

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Heraklion Greece

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February 6, 2017, found us on the island of Crete at the port of Heraklion, dominated by the Venetian constructions, such as the Koules Fortress (Rocca al Mare), the ramparts and the arsenal. Our ship was docked just outside of the town and there was a shuttle to the port gate and the cruise terminal. Here we boarded a Hop on Hop off bus to get a general over view of the city. We rode the bus around the city seeing the various sights and got off at a stop in the upper center of the city and walked to Liontaria Square with its Lion Fountain....

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Nafplion Greece

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Nafplion, a seaport town in the Peloponnese in Greece, was our port of call on April 5, 2017. To get into town a ships tender was needed. On the tender we passed Bourtzi Fortress built in the 1400’s and when  we got on shore we had a view of the Fortress  of Palamidi, built in the 1700’s, which was overlooking the town. Walking around the town there are many stairs that climb up the hills that are lined with houses, shops and, churches. After meandering the streets we returned to the Amsterdam after another fine Greek lunch. The...

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Corinth Canal

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On April 3, 2017, we docked in Piraeus, Greece, the port for tours to Athens. Instead of going to Athens, we decided to go to the Corinth Canal, a canal that connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. It cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth and separates the Peloponnese from the Greek mainland, arguably making the peninsula an island The drive to the canal took about an hour. Once we were there we stopped at a bridge that crossed the canal to get the view from above. We than traveled to the bottom of the cut...

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Rhodes Greece

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After leaving the Suez Canal we sailed across the Mediterranean Sea to Rhodes in Greece arriving on April 2, 2017. Our ship was docked just outside of the Medieval Old Town, a walled city which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We walked into the town via St. Catherine’s Gate and started by walking though two town squares, past the Marine Gate and up the hill via Ippoton Street to the Palace of the Grand Master. We returned down the hill using Sokratous Street, the main pedestrian shopping street. After a pleasant lunch and some more...

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