2015 Grand World Cruise

Amsterdam’s Atrium

On January 5, 2015, we embarked on a 114 day Grand Voyage around the World. This trip went to 41 Ports in 24 Countries on 6 Continents. During this time we traveled  34,794 miles. This voyage was once again on Holland American Line’s ms Amsterdam, a 62,735 gross tonnage ship (small by todays standards) with a passenger capacity of 1380, but there was never more than 1,010 on board at any one time. This ship was large enough to be comfortable yet small enough to get into some of the more remote place that we went to. We divided this voyage into segments, with each segment having its own page to explore.

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1st Segment On our first leg of the journey we went to the port of Santa Marta, in Columbia. We than stopped at San Blas Islands, Panama before cruising through the Panama Canal. Our next stop was Manta, in Ecuador. We than spent 8 days at sea and arrived in French Polynesian visiting the ports of Nuku HivaPapeete, and finishing in Bora Bora. We then spent 2 days in The Kingdom of Tonga, avoiding some bad weather in the north. This first segment ended in New Zealand with 2 days in Auckland and a day in Waitangi.

2nd Segment The second leg of our journey takes us to the continent of Australia and the island of Indonesia. We first visited Sydney for 2 days and then started our way around the West coast of the continent and after a day sea we landed in Melbourne. We had another day at sea and then spent 2 days in Adelaide. Going further up the coast we stopped in Albany after 2 more sea days. Another sea day and then we arrived in Fremantle, the port city for Perth. Leaving Australia we traveled for another 2 days to the island of Bali. Our last stop on this leg was Semarang on the island of Java.

3rd Segment The third leg of this journey takes us to the continent of Asia. Our first two days were spent in Singapore. Then we went to Malaysia where we visited Port Klang and Penang. From there we traveled up the Yangon River to Myanmar, where  we spent two days and a half days. Next on our agenda was Colombo, Sri Lanka and then off to India and the ports of Cochin and Mumbai. Our next stop was a two day stay in Dubai. Then ended this segment when we ventured to Muscat and  Salalah in Oman.

4th Segment The fourth leg of this journey takes us from the Middle East through the Mediterranean Sea and into the Atlantic Ocean. Our first stop was Aqaba in Jordan and then we traveled through Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea where we landed in Israel to visit the ports of Ashdod (Jaffa) and Haifa (Caesarea). From there we went to Kusadasi in Turkey. Next we sailed to Piraeus in Greece where we took an overland trip that included Meteora  and  Delphi on Greek Orthodox Easter weekend. Leaving Greece we went to Messina and Naples in Italy. In Spain we visited ElcheMijas and Cadiz. We ended our voyage with an overnight stay in  Ponta Delgada in the Azores before sailing back to Ft. Lauderdale.