Marshall Islands to Hong Kong

On our second segment of our voyage we left Hawaii and headed west to Majuro on the Marshall Islands and then on to Guam. From Guam we headed north to Japan where we visited the ports of OsakaKyotoKagoshima, and Nagasaki. After our stay in Japan we headed to Korea where we docked in Incheon and from there we toured Seoul. We then proceed to BeijingShanghai and Zhujiajiao in China before ending this segment in Hong Kong.


The pictures below represent the stops on our trip. Click on any of them to see the other pictures of that stop.

Majuro, Marshall Islands


Osaka, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

Kagoshima, Japan

Nagasaki, Japan

Seoul, South Korea

Incheon, South Korea

Bejing, China

Shanghai, China

Zhujiajiao, China

Hong Kong