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Pago Pago, American Samoa

Our next port of call was Pago Pago in American Samoa. Shortly after our arrival a group of local greeters and dancers, dressed in traditional outfits, entertained us on the pier to the sound of the Pate (wooden drum). This was another stop that we hit in 2013 (see; Pago Pago 2013), so we decide to take in the National Park of American Samoa, which is part of the National Parks of the US. Before we started on our tour, we roamed the local craft market which was on the pier. On our tour, we passed by trees that had sleeping Fruit Bats or flying foxes hanging in them. We then climbed up to...

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Pago Pago, Isle Tutuila, American Samoa

After 4 days at sea from Hawaii, we landed at Pago Pago on the isle of Tutuila in American Samoa.¬†Pago Pago is a small town that lies in Pago Pago Harbor which is a submerged crater that opens to the sea. Here we toured the island in open air wooden seated busses that held 22 passengers. These busses were used as the main transportation on the island. Our first stop was to view “Flowerpot Rock” (Fatu-ma-futi) which was a small islet in the harbor. Along the way we passed homes with above ground graves in the front yard. It is the custom that family members are buried on their...

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