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Aqaba Jorden

Aqaba in Jorden was our stop on March 28, 2017, for a two day stay. From the port area you can see downtown Aqaba and on the far bank Israel.  On day one we took the shuttle bus into town to the information center. Once in town there was an open air bus that took a 30 minute tour of the town, so we decide to go. It first took us to the new area lots of construction was happening and then we stoped there to get a panoramic view of Aqaba.  We then traveled through the shopping districts which had all kinds of vendors, both in stores and on the street. After the tour we walked in the small park...

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Aqaba, Jordan

We arrived in Aqaba on April 6, 2016, Jordan’s only port. At this port we traveled to Shoubak, located on the eastern side of Jordan, 109 miles from Aqaba. Our trip took us past many Bedouin camps and hillside towns that were in the Syrian Desert. When we reached we went to the Shoubak Castle (Montreal Crusader Castle) which was built in 1115 and was perched on a rocky conical mountain overlooking the plain of Edom. Several rooms have been restored on the 2nd and third levels of the castle and you enter the Cistern and Chapel on the first level. Our journey ended with a stop to view...

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Wadi Rum (Aqaba), Jordan

We sailed up the Gulf of Aqaba to the only port city in Jordan, Aqaba, on April 4, 2015. From the city you can see Israel, Egypt and to the South Saudi Arabia. We ventured out into the desert to Wadi Rum, a valley that is cut into the rock composed of sandstone and granite. Once there we boarded a 4×4 Toyota pickup driven by a Bedouin driver for a 2 hour trip through the valley. In the valley there were Bedouins with their camels ready to take tourists on a ride as well as several encampments. At one of these encampments we stopped for some tea made with cardamon, sage and other desert...

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