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Semarang, Java, Indonesia

On February 25, 2016, we docked on the island of Java at the port of Semarang in Indonesia. Semarang is the port to go to Borobudur, a Buddhist temple and World Heritage site. Since we were there last year, see Java 2015, we decided to explore in and around Semarang. We drove through the streets of Semarang to our first stop Gereja Blenduk, a Protestant church which was built in 1773. Traveling into the countryside to Batik Semarang 16, we saw the process of  cloth weaving and Batik dying as well the construction of hand made clothing. We traveled back through the rice fields to our last...

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Semarang, Java

Landing at Semarang, Java, Indonesia on March 1, 2015 we traveled out of the town through the many rice fields to Borobudur, a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Magelang, 70 miles from Semarang. The massive temple consists of a main dome on the upper level surrounded by 72 stupas. Each level is about 10 foot high and there are 9 levels. Each level had intricately sculptured reliefs and many sitting Buddhas. After leaving Borobudur we passed Pawon Temple also built in the 9th century. We then stopped at a puppet show which used shadow puppets and traditional music and song. The final...

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