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Dakar, Senegal

After docking in Dakar we took a tour to ile de Goree, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This island was a slave depot in west Africa. Here slaves were kept until they were sold and then shipped off to Europe or the New World. A 30 minute ferry ride took us to an island which was about 2 miles off shore. Once on shore we had a short tour of the island and then free time to explore on our own.     Ile de Goree Ile de Goree Ile de Goree Ile de Goree Ile de Goree Street Slave House Door of no return Slave House Waiting room door Slave House Auction Area Liberation of Slaves Statue Street near slave...

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Dakar, Senegal 2007

We docked in Dakar at  8:000am. Our tour today  went to Lake Retba and the Sahara Desert where it meets the Atlantic Ocean.           Senegal-Logo Dakar Sheep Market Dakar Street Dakar Children Vendors at the Ocean Sanhaja Tribe Village (Inside Hut) Sanhaja Tribe Village Sanhaja Tribe Village Salt Mining at Lake Retba Salt Mining at Lake Retba Wolof Tribe Village Horse...

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