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Gabes, Tunisia

The next day we arrived in Gabes, Tunisia. Our primary goal today was to visit a Troglodyte House. These cave houses were dug into the side of a limestone hill. The typical house has an entrance tunnel into an open central courtyard with dug out rooms around the center. These ancient homes origin are unknown, however today they are occupied by nomadic berber families. We traveled out of Gabes toward Matmata through the Tunisian desert. We stopped and explored a family “Troglodyte House”. After our visit, we proceeded to Douz, the last Berber village and gateway to the Sahara. We...

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Sousse, Tunisia

March 29th, after a day at sea, found us in our first Tunisian port, Sousse. After clearing customs and getting our passports stamped, we had to tender into the port city of Sousse. Today we took an all day tour that included Kairouan, El Djem and the Amphitheater. Our first stop was the city of Kairouan, one of the 7 holy cities of Islam. Here we visited the Sidi Okba Mosque, and the Mausoleum of Sidi Sahab. Sidi Okba Mosque is the oldest and holiest Islamic site in North Africa. The columns in the courtyard were scavenged from old Roman ruins, so no two were alike. Our next stop was the...

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La Goulette, Tunisia

In Tunisia, our first stop was to the North African American Cemetery (WW2). We then proceeded to Bardo museum with it’s collection of roman mosaics, the bustling medina in the old town quarter. After lunch we went to the blue town of Sidi Bou Said. We wound up touring the ruins at Carthage.       Tunisia logo Thermes D’ Antonin (Roman Baths) Carthage Thermes D’ Antonin (Roman Baths) Carthage Sidi Bou Said Sidi Bou Said Sidi Bou Said Gold Souk Craft Souk Carpet Souk Demonstration Bardo Museum – Tiled Bat Bardo Museum – Tiled Bat Bardo Museum – Tiled Bat...

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