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Odessa, Ukraine

On April 9,2012, we arrived in Odessa in the Ukraine. It was a very cold & windy 41º F when we left for our tour the “Best of Odessa”. We left the pier which is situated right below the town and at the foot of the Potemkin Stairs by bus and proceeded to the area called “The Duke”. Here we left the bus. The Duke is situated at the top of the Potemkin Stairs and has the Monument to Duc de Richelieu as its focal point. We started to walk along Primorsky Blvd. Passing street entertainers as we proceeded to the Town Hall, Archaeological Museum and ending up at the...

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Sevastopol, Ukraine

After clearing customs we took a brief tour of the city and then went to view the Swallow’s Nest Castle on the Crimean coast. Then we traveled along the coast to Massandra to visit Czar Alexander III summer palace. Then on to Yalta to the White Palace where the WWII Yalta Conference took place.       leaving Sevastopol Livadia Palace (Yalta) Livadia Palace (Yalta) Livadia Palace (Yalta) Livadia Palace (Yalta) Livadia Palace (Yalta) Alexander III Palace Alexander III Palace Alexander III Palace Crimea Coast Swallow’s Nest Castle Ukrainian Countryside Sevastopol...

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